Damn it man I'm a REALTOR, not a magician!

I explain this to sellers as soon as I take a listing.

You never know where the buyer for your home is going to come from.  So please DO NOT turn down any showing requests.

I love when sellers tell me how bad they need to sell and then never show their home!

“I really need to sell my house but….”

“….we’re going away this weekend.”

“….we’re going to Disney Land that week.” (I especially love this one when it’s a short sale)

“….we’ll be at my daughter’s dance recital that day.”

“….my son has back to back soccer games that day.”

“…I’m getting my hair done that night.”

If you declined a showing because of any of the above reasons….then you don’t really NEED to sell.  You WANT to sell.  There’s a difference.  Here’s an idea…if you want to sell your home, you actually have to show it to potential buyers!!!  And that may mean you have to rearrange your schedule for showings and open houses.

Another favorite of mine is when the seller asks me why their home isn’t selling!!!

Well let’s see Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner…you’ve had 14 showing requests on your home and you approved 3.   My god man I once had a client that actually came home DURING their son’s confirmation for a showing!  That’s commitment.  And guess what.  That buyer bought the home!

I’ll say it again…You never know where the buyer for your home is going to come from.  Never miss a showing unless it’s an emergency.