How much value does your real estate brand hold?

I recently signed a luxury listing in Todt Hill.  The client had contacted me via our company website.  As we finished signing the listing agreement and disclosures, I asked the same question I ask every client who contacts us.

Why did you decide to list with us?

She replied…

“I didn’t want to list with ******* or ******* (big box competitors).  I wanted to be represented by a company that would add value to my house.  I did my research.  I looked at your past sales.  I looked at your marketing...the photographs and descriptions.  Then I looked at your competition.  Everything about your company exudes class and that's exactly what I want to represent me.  And here we are.”

It was refreshing to see clients educating themselves before listing one of their most valuable investments.  Potential sellers owe it to themselves to research who is going to represent them in the largest financial transaction of their lives.  Most people spend time researching schools, demographics, crime, commute, but use the first real estate agent that they run into at an open house.  This could be a costly mistake.  There’s no excuse...with information so readily available on the internet.  Research the brokerage you intend on representing you.

Are they representing past and current clients the way you want to be represented?